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We offer many different photographic services, please scroll down to see what we can do for you.

Whether it’s a set up shot with the perfect lighting, a candid photo capturing true life or business and commercial photography: Custom Genius can get you the shots you need and love!

Sometimes taking a good photo isn’t enough, you have to understand how to tweak, edit and adjust the photo to make it perfect.  From adjusting  balance and tone to softening wrinkles or removing strangers from the background of your once in a lifetime photo, these are the finishing touches that make a good picture into a great photograph.

Do you have professional photos of your pets, children, grandparents… anyone you would like to save a memory of?

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific needs or special requests.


Pet Photography in Honolulu Photo Manipulation:

photo manipulation custom genius Photo manipulation by Custom Genius

Pet Photography in Honolulu Pet Photography:

Photographing pets takes time and patience and a quick trigger finger.  Sometimes a photographer may have to take many shots to get the perfect one.  Custom Genius will  get that photo for your wall, your wallet or your Christmas card.

 Portrait Photography in Honolulu Memorable Occasion Photography:

Capture your moments.  Weddings, birthdays, graduations and more.  From outdoor scenes to green screens Custom Genius will make sure you have the photos you want and need for sharing with friends and family.


 Real Estate Photography in Honolulu Real Estate and Construction Photography:

When you need beautiful interior or exterior images of property or when you need your existing real estate photos professionally edited, you need Custom Genius.  If you’re constructing a building, stocking shelves in a new business, remodeling your home or creating something brilliant you should consider professional before and after photos for posterity.


Not only will we take exceptional photos of your real estate, but we can edit your photos on your request to remove unnecessary distractions.
Please view an example of how we can remove unwanted items from your real estate photography in THIS example we remove a large SUV from the driveway of a home for a client who had only one photo of the front of her estate.

You know the importance of posterity during a construction project.  Whether you are involved with a commercial, residential, government or industrial project, getting the right photos now can provide valuable tools for the future.

If you need large prints for display or images for a company website or brochure just let us know and we will work with you to get exactly the photos you need.

Boudoir, Romantic, Erotic, Exotic, Valentines Photography Boudoir, Romantic, Erotic, Exotic, Valentines, Lovers Photography

Valentine’s Day is everyday when you are in love.  Thinking of a unique gift from the heart for your lover?  Nothing says “I love you” more then sexy boudoir photos from your lover.  Leave a trail of them from the front door to the bedroom or have them framed and hung by the bed or perhaps sneak them into your lovers purse or pocket… However you deliver them they will certainly be a spicy, tantalizing surprise!


You may select your own outfits and have your own styling or if you prefer we can provide a brilliant hair stylist and makeup artist to assist you, also lingerie and other outfits can be made available for you to purchase.  Surprise your sweetheart with a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime or have yourselves photographed together for a memory that will last in your minds and hearts forever.

Please contact Custom Genius with any questions or comments or to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.