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Only 6 bucks? every little girl can afford to have on in her bed with her… “papa said it won’t hurt us” wow, this add is so wrong on so many (140) (141) (142) (143) (144) (145)

Oh, those plucky little japs… (146)

All babies should start drinking cola when they are born, it helps them to grow strong and limber and toothless. . .  “The Soda Pop Board of America?” -Really? (147)

We appreciate your prompt pick-up and delivery

Brad, thank you again for repairing our PC. It works MUCH faster and so much better! We appreciate your prompt pick-up and delivery, and the time you spent educating us about the system when you returned it. Thank you,

Kevin and Kellee Bellile, Clive, Iowa

Kevin and Kellee Bellile
Clive, Iowa