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I’m traveler and explorer. I love to learn new things, experience different cultures and meet new people from all over.

I provide virtual assistance, IT, third party validation and customized services for clients all over the world. I’m also a photographer, web designer, business promoter and social media manager. I enjoy communication and thinking of clever advertising strategies. Like to see more about me? Feel free to explore the links below.

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  • twistedhauntedhouse.com
  • unspillable.com
  • 3134repair.com
  • NewsForNatives.com
  • AutobodySales.com
  • Tazja.com
  • cheapestcomputerrepair.com
  • cheapestipodrepair.com
  • cheapestlaptoprepair.com
  • cheapestpcrepair.com
  • cheapestrepair.com

I got so much more than expected

You did an incredible job with my computer! I have already told several friends and co-workers about your services! You are so fast and the best part for me was that, because you work out of your home, you work nights and weekends, and even had my computer ready for pickup late and on a weekend! Other repair places around town are only available limited hours and almost never on weekends. My kids love the games you added and the google earth, wallpaper options and background are great! We all love the photos on the screensaver; that is the neatest thing I’ve ever seen! I got so much more than expected and your flat fee is unbelievable! Thank you; I will always recommend you!

Joy D.West
Des Moines, IA