Thanks for your interest in my services!

I’ve been making websites for over a decade. As such, I can make them pretty quickly, within budget and according to the clients wishes. Obviously some projects will vary in price, however for simplicity, I’ve included example pricing below. I’ll never tech talk over your head or get you wrapped up in some crazy unbreakable contract filled with legal jargon. What I WILL do is work with you on your project until you are satisfied or no longer need my services, no hassle. Of course the prices below are examples, your custom job will be tailored to YOUR needs within YOUR budget. Let’s chat about what I can do for you.

Along with the packages below, I will help you to come up with the perfect domain name. I have a lot of experience and have had great luck creating easy to remember domain names that look great on a business card and are easy to say over the phone. I also offer fast hosting and domain registration, which is $13.95 per month.

I wanted to keep the home page simple, so you could immediately see what you’re looking for; services and prices. Now that you’ve seen them, why not check out what some of my clients have to say about my services or take a look at some websites I made or check out my photography. When you’re ready, contact me and we can get started on your project right away!

The complete care package contains everything listed in all other packages and so much more. It’s like getting a free website as well.

I will edit photos and video, create your website and social media pages and add new content regularly. Google and facebook like active pages, so the more often new content is added, the higher your position in search engines this is why I will be constantly adding new branded content.

Most companies will charge 4 times this amount and either will not or cannot perform half of what I do.

Need something else? I’m a phone call away and no extra charge.

  • Includes Website
  • Registration & Hosting
  • Updates & Maintenance
  • Manage Social Media
  • Design Logo / Slogan
  • Business Advertising
  • Continuous SEO mgmt
  • Manage Yelp & Reviews
  • Create Text & Graphics
  • Create Youtube Videos
  • Available for 1-on-1s
  • Create Google Business
  • Create Google Maps
  • Create Google Analytics
  • Maintain Brand Recognition
  • And so much more!

$250 per month

AWESOME WEBSITE, That’s what you need, right? Otherwise why would you be here?

I will create for you one beautiful website, just like you imagine it, based on your design. It will be fully functional including keywords, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and your images and text. Don’t have any images you say? I can send you links to some great FREE royalty free image sites and you can pick to your heart’s content!

I will work with you for up to a month tweaking the website and finalizing it to your tastes.

Why so cheap?” You ask? “Is it just some crappy cheap looking one page site?” No way! I take serious pride in my work. I won’t leave you hanging with some junky looking site. This will be a full featured, multi page site filled with images, embedded video, review section, social media icons linked to your existing pages, beautiful formatting, etc.

Why is it so much less than other web designers?” That’s a good question. To be honest you should probably ask them that question as I have never understood why it should cost thousands of dollars to make a decent website.

  • Create Website
  • Use your images & text
  • 1 month Update, edit & Maintenance
  • Business Advertising
  • Incorporate Great SEO
  • Available for 1-on-1 over phone/skype, etc.

$350 / Once

With the “MANAGE SOCIAL MEDIA” package you can forget the hassle of constantly finding active content to update your craigslist posts, facebook, twitter, etc. I will created branded posts promoting your business or service and I will add to multiple services on a daily to weekly basis.

Whatever service you offer, storage facility, restaurant, speaker, mechanic, decorator or anything else I can think of, I will create posts in your style. Funny, serious, witty or somewhere in between I will drive more traffic to you via the power of social media and online classifieds advertising. Also, if you have a special or deal or some new images / videos you can send them to me and I will add them as well!

I will create the social media pages, if some already exist but you do not have access, I will claim them for you so we can start to work ASAP.

  • Create or claim social media
  • Create & Post New Content
  • Advertise Your Business Online
  • Facebook, Twitter, Clist, etc.
  • Send to me & Forget About It.
  • Available for 1-on-1 over phone/skype, etc.

$150 / Month

The “WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE” is great if you only need a website and social media pages created and then you want to administrate it yourself.

I will edit photos and video, create your website and social media pages and fill them with new content. I will also create or claim your business Yelp page and propagate it with attractive, branded images.

Have an idea of what you’d like your website to look like or have you seen a site you like? Just give me the details and I will build your site in that style. Need a logo designed? I can do that for no extra cost.

  • Create Website
  • 1 year Registration & Hosting
  • 1 month Update & Maintenance
  • Create Branded Social Media
  • Create Professional SEO
  • Create Yelp page
  • Create Text & Graphics
  • 1 year Registration & Hosting
  • 1 month Update & Maintenance
  • Create Branded Social Media
  • Create Professional SEO
  • Create Yelp page
  • Create Text & Graphics
  • Available for 1-on-1 over phone/skype, etc.

$600 / Once

Don’t see the right package for you? Need something custom or maybe you have a small one off job? This might be what you’re looking for. Let’s chat about your needs. I can edit/create video, photoshop, work on existing projects, photography, etc.

I usually don’t charge by the hour while we are discussing your needs, only when I’m actually doing the work and to be honest, I undercharge and over deliver.

  • Photography
  • Logo Design
  • Photoshop
  • Video Editing
  • Assist with IT problems
  • Finish uncompleted jobs
  • Research & Development
  • Unlicensed Counseling LOL
  • Create Youtube Videos
  • Available for 1-on-1 over phone/skype, etc.
  • And almost anything else you can think of!

$50 Per hour.

In a nutshell, I will trade my IT (Information Technologies), video editing, graphic, etc to you, for your services offered to me.

Yes it sounds kind of old school, but I always have an open mind when it comes to bartering and trading for services.

If there’s something you need from me and you feel you have a service or item I’d be interested in, just let me know about it. I will give it a think and see if we can work out a win win deal for both of us!

What are some possible services I may be interested in receiving?

  • Auto Repair
  • Carpentry
  • Home Services
  • Gardening, Lawncare
  • Products & Merchandise
  • Salon / Spa / Grooming
  • Restaurant / Hotel
  • What service do you have?

Thank you for 2 years of continued excellent service Brad

2 years ago, Bradley fixed my computer and it is still working better now than when I first bought it at Best Buy.  Now I asked Bradley to check out my new laptop and see what he could do to speed it up for me.  He not only installed anti spy ware and anti virus software but now my windows Vista Performance number went from a slow 1.5 when purchased new to a fast 3.0. Brad is simply amazing! Thank you for 2 years of continued excellent service Brad, you will continue to have my business for as long as you are in business.

Paul Johnson
Ames, IA