Classic examples of advertising in america

You’ve come a long way baby.  I wonder what magazine this came out of? (168) (169) (170) (171) (152)

Girls in the 60s knew how to enjoy the benefits of a cordless cheek massager (153)

Hoover knows exactly what every young girl wants. (154) 

why would you even let your wife drive the car? (155) (156)

Growing old is totally her fault. totally! (157) (158) (159) (160) (161) (162) (163)

simple driving for simple women (164)

I just knew they were good for something! (165) (166) (167)

I am simply, utterly, totally and completely amazed

Bradley, I would like to tell any prospective customers of yours, that when I gave my laptop to you because the DC power jack had broken off of my Dell laptop, you returned it to me within 6 hours and had replaced the jack with a new one and devirused my entire laptop and put protection on it and updated all my Microsoft Windows programs to the newest versions and all of that you did for $50 plus $25 for the new powerjack. I am simply, utterly, totally and completely amazed.

UPDATE: “Bradley, please add this to my previous opinion I sent to you; it has been two weeks now since you worked on my system for the power jack problem and I want to tell everyone that my laptop is running faster now then it ever has before, also my Pogo is working and my Grand Daughter’s Ipod is working for the first time ever! THANK YOU!

Mary H
West Des Moines, IA