Classic examples of advertising in america

You’ve come a long way baby.  I wonder what magazine this came out of? (168) (169) (170) (171) (152)

Girls in the 60s knew how to enjoy the benefits of a cordless cheek massager (153)

Hoover knows exactly what every young girl wants. (154) 

why would you even let your wife drive the car? (155) (156)

Growing old is totally her fault. totally! (157) (158) (159) (160) (161) (162) (163)

simple driving for simple women (164)

I just knew they were good for something! (165) (166) (167)

Brad, your service is just AMAZING

Brad, your service is just AMAZING. I was shocked to learn just how much clean up you did to my daughter’s laptop for such a low price! This laptop has never run better. Your customer service is exceptional, and I will be happy to recommend your services to everyone I know who owns a computer.

Wendee Molano
Des Moines, IA