Classic examples of advertising in america

You’ve come a long way baby.  I wonder what magazine this came out of? (168) (169) (170) (171) (152)

Girls in the 60s knew how to enjoy the benefits of a cordless cheek massager (153)

Hoover knows exactly what every young girl wants. (154) 

why would you even let your wife drive the car? (155) (156)

Growing old is totally her fault. totally! (157) (158) (159) (160) (161) (162) (163)

simple driving for simple women (164)

I just knew they were good for something! (165) (166) (167)

Brad was so nice and polite

We brought our laptop to Brad and after diagnosing the problem as being a faulty motherboard and looking up the price of a new mother board, we determined that it was too much to spend on getting our old laptop fixed. Brad was so nice and polite and when we offered to pay him he told us about his “no-fix no-pay” policy, we were so happy with him that in the future, if we ever have a problem with our other computers, Brad will be the only one we call.

Steve and Carol Anderson
Ashawa, Iowa