Insensative advertising, fashion, wives, wow!

They look so mad, like mad little men, with cute little suits and little platforms… but they look so serious! (and cute) -Things happen when you wear Eleganza! (222)

Rainbow batman? really? hey, that’s not red, it’s sort of pink. Is batman gay? (228) (229)

What she needs is a big strong man to help her open the catsup bottle. (230)

Dormeyer knows, “Wives are like children” (231)

omg, is she about to go down on that lipstick? (220) 

I told the president about your professionally done shirt, he said to “come right in!” (221)

Love’s baby soft, because pedophilia in in advertising can be creepier than you think. (223) 

How dare she try a different, new coffee brand, what the hell was she thinking? she deserves to get spanked.. no court in the world would convict him… omg (225) 

That unstable Mable, she needs a tranquilizer or a slap, or a stiff drink, perhaps a stay in an insaneatarium? (227)

you are so respectful and a pro

omg brad i loved working with you. you are the best cameraman and i want you to take more photos. i have many friends that want you to be there cameraman also. you are so respectful and a pro ♥ My photo calendar turned out perfect!